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The Need To Know Podcast

Jan 21, 2021

On this Episode: SaVon, Alex & Steph are back together in studio! The crew jumps into Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's inauguration (05:25) and addresses Donald Trump pardoning 73 people including Lil Wayne and Kodak Black (13:17). Steph asks the guys what their 'why' is for podcasting (29:00), and SaVon wishes someone would have seen something on the B2K tour bus, as Raz-B continues to cry out for help calling out Chris Stokes for sexually abusing him as a minor (44:45). Have you ever stayed in an unhealthy relationship for too long? The crew shares their personal accounts on why it was hard for them to let go in the past (1:05:38). DM Etiquette, Travis vs. Future, a game of 'who has the worst game,' and MORE! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE