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The Need To Know Podcast

Feb 4, 2021

On this episode: Alex and Steph man the fort while SaVon is away. The two discuss See The Thing is Podcast’s after show on Clubhouse moderated by Steph and Shiv; Alex shares he wants to get better at juggling multiple tasks at a time. Next, TI + Tiny are under fire for several sexual abuse allegations against them. Alex and Steph have an open dialogue about empathy and respect. Steph admits she’s been more emotional than normal and the crew discuss Mercury Retrograde and its effects on people.  NaeNae artist Silento is charged with murdering his cousin. Is blood really thicker than water? Has a family member ever made you that angry? Alex wonders if black history month is taken seriously enough? Should it be more a way of living? The crew unravel a relationship avalanche and discuss whether or not the “prize mentality” is an equal opportunity - all this and more. LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE