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The Need To Know Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

On this episode: SaVon, Alex & Steph discuss Bobby Shmurda coming home (8:00) and an alternate view of what his music means to a victim (16:00). The crew addresses Chris Brown welcoming him home (32:00), and how his actions may have costed him his icon status (38:30). On the topic of self-awareness, Meek Mill previewed a track mentioning the late legend, Kobe Bryant, that didn’t sit well with supporters and Vanessa Bryant, herself (51:50). The throuple shares their own instances of when they said something they shouldn’t have (55:58), and SaVon rejoices in a win for true love, as Kim Kardashian officially files for divorce from Kanye West (1:07:20). The crew plays the “Green Circle Game” and puts their singing abilities on full display with an exclusive NTK talent show (1:26:30). A call from Shiv on the state of Texas (1:35:20), evaluating the COVID-19 vaccine, and more! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE