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The Need To Know Podcast

Mar 25, 2021

On this episode: SaVon & Alex are joined by long-standing friend of the show, Devvon Terrell. They address their recent experiences on the Joe Budden Podcast mics, as well as the fan misunderstandings that followed (4:00) and their lives outside of their work (12:00). Alex combats SaVon on his unpopular Justin Bieber take (21:45) while the guys refer to issues in today's "cancel culture" (34:00) and how having the wrong people in your circle can affect you negatively (35:30). SaVon speaks to the possibilities of the Joe Budden Network's direction (43:00), and the three discuss what it really means to have a failing podcast (51:00). While accepting that comparison is the thief of joy (1:01:00), SaVon & Alex share why their balancing dynamic is necessary to each of them as individuals (1:14:00). Derrick Jaxn (1:21:00), your preference in cheating (1:32:00), domestic terrorism (1:44:00), Alex's Spring Break rules (1:57:00) and MORE!

Close out: Devvon Terrell | "Taking Pictures of You"