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The Need To Know Podcast

Apr 15, 2021

On this episode: SaVon, Alex, Regi & Devvon honor the icon, DMX, for his life, legacy, and authenticity (8:15). They discuss the difference between chasing fame vs. impact (13:00) and whether or not clout artistry is dying (18:30). Las Vegas strippers accused Usher of tipping with valueless Ush Bucks (30:40), and DJ Mustard’s personal shopper stole over $50K from him (34:00). The crew discusses their varying family dynamics (53:00), gender roles & splitting bills in the household (59:30), parents that date (1:02:00), and dating people with kids (1:04:00). The Need to Know Podcast addresses the shooting of Daunte Wright (1:13:00), Lieutenant Caron Nazario being held at gunpoint in Virginia (1:15:00), and lack of training and counterproductive loyalty in cop culture (1:18:00). Saluting Kyrie Irving (1:28:00), social media addiction, bro dates, and MORE! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE