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The Need To Know Podcast

May 13, 2021

On this episode: SaVon, Alex, Regi & Devvon Terrell address the recent Joe Budden Podcast break-up with full transparency from their perspectives (19:00). They discuss what absence says to your team (26:00), "yes men" (37:00), and taking great things for granted. SaVon & Alex speak to their own podcasting journey on the NTK Pod (40:00), as well as refusal of ownership (51:30), being overpaid (1:00:00), harsh statements from Joe that are misinterpreted without personal context (1:13:00), feeling pain for your life's work (1:35:00), and acknowledging embarrassing early beginnings (1:47:30). DM Requests (1:56:50), J. Cole's fight against comfort (2:01:50), LL Cool J appreciation (2:16:00), picking the right partner to start a family with (2:21:00), and MORE! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE