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The Need to Know Podcast

Sep 30, 2021

SaVon reconvenes to bring light to new topics and new music, like Ne-Yo’s new track (00:16). Devvon Terrell also gets a new seat in the studio, which brings him closer to the action (05:51). The crew then engages in a full-force conversation regarding the new hit Netflix series, Squid Game (12:37) as well as the subsequent newfound appreciation in Korean visual art in mainstream cinema (31:12). The cultural discussion expands further with the gang visiting the effects of generational trauma and how it attributes to the idea of success within the African American community (39:11). They then transition into a discussion about inflation and the skyrocketing prices within the economy and how that relates to the rise of robotics within the modern world (41:58). Alex also opens up into a discussion on why he’s not particularly a fan of the male species and how they create false narratives that women in turn follow (01:01:59). Savon’s obsession with winning also gets brought up, which then oddly turns into a conversation regarding sports, slavery, and the effects of outrage marketing (01:16:54). The group then closes out the episode with a healthy discussion on the prison sentence of R. Kelly aka Bob and how the delayed process in his conviction played a huge part in injustices, not only done within the industry, but as well as the African American, and overall human community (01:39:00).

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