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The Need to Know Podcast

Oct 21, 2021

The crew returns to discuss Savon’s recently new job as a camera operator For a comedy event with P. They then discuss coming up having to eat struggle meals and ramen noodles. Also, period simulators, as well as pregnancy simulators make their way into the mix, leading to a hilarious conversation. Savon also brings up how society is taking a lot of things away from us and how it correlates to the recent Chapelle comedy show. This grows into a bigger convo about how society itself slowly trying to take comedy and its safe space. The crack epidemic gets brought up and the crew discovers that it’s also vegan. The crew also discusses how comedy is being used as a way to destroy comedians and the hypocritical perspective it comes from. Savon also suggests that Dev and Alex should have a “smoove” competition. They conclude with a discussion on the importance of building /maintaining relationships with people who share the same work ethics and principles.

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