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The Need to Know Podcast

Nov 30, 2023

On this week's episode of the Need to Know Podcast, SaVon, Alex, Regi, and Pierre begin by debating if women truly trust men (0:07). They then highlight Need to Know Media’s new spin-off show ‘We Have More Thoughts’ (9:15) before Regi asks the guys a personal question about arguments (14:20). The main event begins with the gang making sense of the Diddy-Cassie settlement and the 35-page complaint first reported by the New York Times (20:07). Alex brings up Ant Glizzy’s claims that Diddy hung Wale over a balcony after working with Cassie in the studio (42:55). Diddy’s ex-bodyguard, Gene Deal, thinks Cassie’s claims are valid given how he saw Diddy treat the late Kim Porter (47:23). Psychic medium Sloan Bella predicted when Diddy was going to be exposed while reading Kim Porter's death five months ago (54:48), and Diddy is far from the only celebrity who has had allegations come up of late (1:02:14). Later, Regi brings up a tweet suggesting that how you choose your friends dictates your life outcomes, and the gang contemplates (1:04:34). T.I. had an explosive argument with his son, King Harris (1:18:32), which leads to the cast discussing what they would do if all their bad traits went to one of their children (1:21:41). To close, the gang shares their favorite movies (1:35:20) before wrapping up the Diddy-Cassie conversation (1:48:54).

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The Need To Know Podcast