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The Need to Know Podcast

Dec 28, 2023

On this week's episode of the Need to Know Podcast, Savon, Alex, Regi, and Pierre begin by breaking down The Mandela Effect (2:52) and differentiating between male and female hormones (10:09). SaVon shares his flat tire story (14:36), which leads to a discussion on gender roles in today's society (22:40). The conversation later pivots to the end of 2023, with SaVon claiming that the podcast space is more inflated than ever before (35:51) and stating that he wants to be extra mindful of his health as he turns 30 (40:40). T.D. Jakes has been linked to Diddy's sex parties (49:14), and a New York jury found Jonathan Majors guilty of assault and harassment of his former girlfriend during a domestic dispute (1:01:24). To close, the gang lists the people who need to stay in 2023 (1:13:28) before reflecting on their year as individuals and a collective (1:20:45).

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The Need To Know Podcast