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The Need To Know Podcast

Apr 27, 2018

This week Savon and Alex are joined by upcoming business mogul Ramel "Young Mogul" Newerls and the lovely Steph Styuhls. They discussed Kanye's meltdown, and come up with unheard theories to why Kanye is acting out. Also is Drake a better rapper than Meek Mill (rapping ability)? And Ramel drops gems for upcoming entrepreneurs, teaches us how to make money, save money and the importance of financial literacy for millennials and easy ways to make money in real-estate. He's on his way to a million at 25 years old, so he's qualified for the conversation. Dishonorable Mention: Major News/Media Outlets (CNN, The Shaderoom, etc..) *Disclaimer* The audio was distorted this week, we'll have everything fixed episode 5! The content makes up for it though, enjoy!