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The Need to Know Podcast

Oct 17, 2019

This week The Need to Know crew are joined by the Introverted Intuition podcast. Introverted Intuition is a mental health driven podcast where nothing is off the table. Jeff, founder and host of podcast opens up about his experience with depression. What are the signs of a sex addiction? CR 908 explains why he believes that he is a sex addict. Both podcasts also speak about the challenges and rigors of an upcoming podcast. Lastly the NTK address some recent twitter beef to set things straight. all this and more!


Jeff Instagram - @Theave190 | Jeff Twitter - Thtambitiousguy

CR 908 Instagram and Twitter - @cr_908

@Introvertedintuitionpod Instagram

@Introvertedpod on Twitter | Use promo code "NTKpod" for a 10% discount


Strictly D.T has released a new EP called "Note To Self" be sure to tune into 'Parlay' as we play at the end of the show!


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