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The Need to Know Podcast

Oct 24, 2019

This week Savon, Alex and Steph kick off things with the beginning of the end The Breakfast Club? Kanye West is slated to release his upcoming album “Jesus is King”. The crew discuss Album predictions and if Kanye’s artistry has become misunderstood. It’s no secret that rapper The Game was relatively close to Nipsey Hussle, but is The Game still grieving or attempting to turn into Nipsey? Also, is there a price tag on your morals? The three debate what they would/would not do for a certain amount of money. Be sure to stick around for the end of the episode as things get wild around R&B singer Tank’s comments regarding experimenting with sexual acts. All this plus much more! | Use promo code “NTKPOD” at checkout for a 10% discount.

Cast Sound Lab Studios @csl_Studios