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The Need to Know Podcast

Sep 3, 2020

On this episode: SaVon, Alex & Steph honor the late Chadwick Boseman, while opening up a conversation on why it's important to always keep your legacy in mind (17:07). John Boyega detailed his unpleasant experience as a Star Wars actor in his recent British GQ spread (48:58). What does it say about Disney to have heavily marketed a Black character only to have him pushed to the side within the franchise? An uncomfortable interview resurfaces on the internet of Ellen Degeneres outing Mariah Carey's pregnancy by asking her to drink champagne on air (60:00). Should Ellen have been held responsible for Mariah having to address her miscarriage shortly after the interview? Phone sex appointments, Pastor Gray's shenanigans (69:00), Alex's NEW IDENTITY & MORE! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE