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The Need to Know Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

On this episode: SaVon, Alex & Steph are joined by Benny, published author and content & marketing director for ExpediTIously Podcast hosted by T.I. The crew discusses the importance of networking correctly by seeking genuine, human connections (04:33). They each share lessons they would have never received through school that led them to where they are now (15:50). Benny shares her story on how she secured a position working for a renowned platform and major artist along with the importance of practicing self compassion when working in a field filled with self doubt (47:20). The crew depicts the need to separate social media dependency from reality (1:10:21) and how promoting a certain lifestyle can negatively impact the next generation (1:17:50). They discuss the qualities women have stated would make them happy in a man. But do these same qualities make them horny? (1:29:15). Dominance, self worth, finding purpose, trusting your path, and MUCH MORE! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE