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The Need to Know Podcast

Aug 9, 2018

Over 100 million streams on YouTube and host of the "Weirdo Podcast" Devvon Terrell joins Savon, Alex and Steph to talk Travis Scott and discuss his journey as an independent artist (21:06 interview begins). Also known as the living weirdo, Devvon elaborates on being a nerd and his comparisons to Childish Gambino and Jamie Foxx. Steph asks the guys why do men feel hesitant to commit first, Devvon credits Ne-Yo as the reason for becoming an artist and Savon shares his "Unpopular Opinion". Much to learn and consume on this episode. Also stick around to hear Devvon Terrell's single "You Different". Devvon Terrell - "You Different" | Dishonorable mention: Curtis Collman Unpopular Opinion: Cheating Isn't a Reason to Leave