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The Need to Know Podcast

Sep 6, 2018

This week Savon, Alex and Steph are back and there's a ton to discuss! The crew dives into the feud between Eminem and Joe Budden and also compares the careers of Eminem and Jay-Z. Also,what’s really going on between Drake & Kanye West? They speculate on the real issues between the two artist and have different thoughts on the beef. Nike has quickly become everyone’s favorite or most hated sports brand after announcing their partnership with Colin Kaepernick. Let's talk about it. Unpopular Opinion: "Eminem is not smart" Dishonorable Mention: Maria Gonzalez Don’t Forget to sign up for our Adidas Sneaker giveaway with 3 simple steps! 1. Tune into the show 2. Leave a comment through SoundCloud | iTunes | YouTube Etc. With your feelings about our show, along with your @ name & size sneakers. 3. Follow the @thentkpodcast on Instagram