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The Need to Know Podcast

Apr 4, 2024

On this week’s episode of the Need to Know Podcast, the gang begins by debating whether couples should sit next to or across from each other at restaurants (0:53). Next, SaVon has some interesting thoughts after listening to ‘COWBOY CARTER’ (21:45). The music discussion continues with Alex theorizing about Drake's potential response to Kendrick Lamar (47:09), Metro Boomin calling out artists who have remained silent in the Rap Civil War (1:06:48), and PARTYNEXTDOOR releasing the bombshell cover art for ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR4’ (1:14:51). The crew also talks about Diddy’s impending fate (1:27:00), Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo fighting over trademarks for The Neptunes (1:53:55), and much more!

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The Need To Know Podcast