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The Need to Know Podcast

Jan 9, 2020

The Need to Know Podcast is back for 2020!

SaVon, Alex and Steph open up about what 2019 taught them, New Resolutions and goals for 2020. Artists like Drake rarely sit down to give interviews and definitely not on an in-depth level, The crew give their takeaways from his Rap Radar Podcast Interview. WW3 Memes flooded the internet in the wake of a potential war, Should this matter be taken more seriously, or are they just jokes? Rapper DaBaby was recently arrested on battery charges for an alleged robbery, Is this the Hip-Hop police at work? All this plus much more!

Cast Sound Lab Studios | @csl_studios


*AirPod Giveaway Winner Announced* (Stick around to find out if you won)