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The Need To Know Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

On this episode: SaVon, Alex, Steph & Pierre discuss "new kid energy," impenetrable behaviors, and the undeniable qualities that make someone popular (09:20). The crew explores how money can actually buy happiness and the meaningful things women do to make up for when they're wrong (33:00). Following the Capitol riots and Donald Trump being banned from all major social media outlets, Pierre & Alex share their personal accounts at peaceful Black Lives Matter protests and the blatant double standards observed with right-wing terrorists (44:24). Is it possible for MySpace to make a comeback as a last and final option for Trump? Will censorship and obstructing freedom of speech create greater problems in the future? (54:50). As meme culture grows as a means of communication, do tailored algorithms create a bubble of validation for social media users? (1:09:48) The crew unravels why success may be a fear to many and differentiate between failures and obstacles (1:21:35). Finally, a breakdown of Drake's legacy, the effects of the infamous reference tracks (1:38:12), and much more! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE.