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The Need To Know Podcast

Mar 18, 2021

On this episode: SaVon & Alex are joined by OnlyFans reviewer, Riley Writts (1:30). The three discuss Grammy snubs (4:50) and opposing views on Lil Baby's "The Bigger Picture" (20:15). Riley speaks to being an 'equal opportunity offender' on his platform (26:30), and the guys recap HBO's "There is No I in Threesome," reviewing open relationships and polygamy (28:13). They address struggling with self confidence (38:40), the negative effects of daylight savings (43:30), incels (50:20), and feeling like you are owed anything in life. The three examine fair critiques (56:00), media training, Riley's platform beginnings (1:03:00), the cost of porn addiction (1:05:30), and receiving recognition from Meek Mill, Tyga, and DJ Akademiks. Controlling your horny (1:30:15), music ventures (1:38:00), polarizing realizations (1:41:30), appreciating therapy (1:49:00), regrets in approaching women (2:03:00), and MORE! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE