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The Need to Know Podcast

Nov 12, 2020

On this episode: SaVon, Alex & Steph analyze their inabilities to flirt, travel, and accept comedians (10:00). Has your view of Dave Chappelle changed in recent years? (26:00). Joe Biden was recently elected the next President of the United States! Was it all a celebration or did you cry like Van Jones? (41:14) While welcoming in the new President Elect, continue to take note of significant events and developments in response to the results. "Oath Keepers," a far-right militia group, has been recruiting veterans, soldiers, and police officers (49:25). With the transparency 2020 has allowed, have you been considering moving to a different state? (54:18). Have you re-considered your second amendment right in light of, yet again, another rapper's passing due to gun violence? (1:00:15). RIP King Von. The crew shares tough decisions they've made this year that they would have made differently in the past as their less-mature selves (1:21:35). Has there been a moment where you've noticed your personal growth? All this and MORE! LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE